Sep 01, 2021

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Winner Sites in August

Orpetron Web Design Awards continues searching for outstanding sites to create awareness about contemporary design and to honor websites and site creators that have chartered new directions for innovation and create competitive inspirations between websites in the world.

We are honored to present the top sites in August that have won the highest score by the Orpetron-WDA jury.

Site Of The Month Winners

1- Mative Labs — Design Agency

Mative Labs — Design Agency

Mative Labs — Design Agency by Artemiy Lebedev from Russia.


Mative Labs Design Agency was founded by Artemiy Lebedev and Jonah Bolden. Disrupting the world of creative agencies, we aim to serve as an innovative hub for all things digital, creative, and interactive on the web. Our mission is to be a natural extension in the process of branding by digitally enhancing brand awareness, visibility, and quality through experiential web design. We look at an experience through the eyes of a consumer, a supplier, a payor, an organization, a community, and a brand — not just one.

2- Martian Labs

Martian Labs

Martian Labs by Martian Labs from the USA.


We began with an out-of-this-world idea: to bring top-tier agency and sales experiences to startups and growth stage companies.

3- Superglow


Superglow by Superglow from the UK.


We are a creative agency for music and lifestyle.

Orpetron Site Of The Day Winners

Orpetron Site Of The Day

1- Anatol Ghimpu — Catalogue by Rocket Minds from the Netherlands.

2- CROMA by CROMA from Italy.

3- Solidpixels. by solidpixels. from Czech.

4- Capital Club by Kaizen Agency from Kazakhstan.

5- Von Heilig by Holographik from Croatia.

6- The Provincial Hotel Ballarat by Stoke Design Co. from Australia.

7- Souki Lodges & Spa by Diadao from France.

8- Obviously by Obviously from the USA.

9- Tiller Digital by Tiller Digital from Canada.

10- SKBK by State Of Mind from Russia.

11- DSP Kitchens by Jismon Thomas from Canada.

12- NGS Malhas by Onda Studio from Portugal.

13- Aspa Chroneou by AntMoves from Greece.

14- Vinnitsky Web Production by Vinnitsky Web Production from France.

15- MINI Australia by AFK Agency from Australia.

16- Azar Nemanli by Azar Nemanli from Azerbaijan.

17- Artikon by Page Black from Norway.

18- 16h33 | Agence web by 16h33 from France.

19- Stella Domo by The Graphic Standard from the USA.

20- Caleño Drinks by Sequel from the UK.

21- Terra forge by Pixel Point from the UK.

22- Clevershot by Few and Far from the UK.

23- NunoPS — Portfolio 2021 by Nuno Pereira Sousa from Portugal.

24-Monsters vs Lawyers by Art. Lebedev from Russia.

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